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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Game 7

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Arsenal v Barcelona - Champions League Finals

Good old Arsenal,
We're proud to say that name,
And while we sing this song,
We'll win the game!

F*ck 'em, f*ck em all!
United, West Ham, Liverpool,
We are the Arsenal, we are the best,
We are the Arsenal, f*ck the rest

***UPDATE*** Ok, so Arsenal lost 2-1 to Barcelona. But they played brilliantly. Twenty minutes into the game Arsenal keeper Jens Lehmann charged out to stop Samuel Eto'o on a breakaway. When Eto'o tapped the ball past Lehmann, the keeper grabbed Eto'o's ankle and tripped him. Another Barcelona player scored, but they called the play back (why? I don't know. There's a thing called "playing advantage" in soccer that, if a foul is committed against your team, the ref won't whistle the play dead if it will hurt your team; ergo, the ref should have let Barcelona have the advantage and score). Why am I arguing FOR a Barcelona goal, when here I am, an Arsenal fan? Because aside from the free kick for Barca, Lehmann received a red card! So Arsenal had to play with their back-up keeper AND a man down (they took out Robert Pires, their 2nd-leading scorer since, it being that early in the game, keeping a strong defense out there was more important). So the score remained 0-0 until Sol Campbell put Arsenal up 1-0 on a nice header off of a free kick. But Barcelona was too strong - especially with an extra player - and eventually won the game 2-1.

But congratulations to the Gunners! No one thought they'd be playing in the Champions League Finals.